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Job Description

This role is responsible for defining end-to-end processes and mapping them to customer experiences it supports. The role primarily also orchestrates the necessary meetings, workshops and ideation session to align all process stakeholders and ensure that each understand their role and contribution in
delivering the end-to-end process and spearheads improvement efforts to ensure that desired customer experiences, customer success measures and process metrics are achieved and delivered. 

1. Process Governance 

  • Steer Globe Process Community to select and plan for integration of any new standards and best practice methods.
  • Use benchmarking services and industry research into both current and emerging process standards and best practices and assess fitness and potential benefit for Globe adaptation. 
  • Conduct periodic meetings and reviews with process community to align and and conduct performance analysis of process vis-a-vis experienced delivered by looking at both customer success measures and process metrics. 

2. Process Architecture/Design 

  • Develop process architecture standards to bring consistency to process solutions including but not limited to – Policy, Standards, Process, Roles and Accountability, Automation, Inter-process linkages, Control Objectives, Metrics/KPIs and Maturity guidelines 
  • Define end-to-end process (level 3) and supporting activities (level 4) mapped to specific customer experience being supported with alignment to process owner to ensure acceptance of accountability and KPIs and metrics.​

3. Work Design Facilitation and Service Blueprinting 

  • Uses VOC, VOE and VOP to support improvement initiatives and ensure experiences are being delivered to customers.
  • Collaborate with process owners to develop and maintain process blueprints, aligned with process models; to operate as a guidebook for future process development requirements; and book of record for implemented process improvements. 
  • Collaborate with process owners in planning and defining process development roadmaps; which will guide process releases.
  • ​Facilitate workshops to gather input on process roadmaps to gain input and development support from various process practitioners and management.
  • Synthesize output from workshop sessions to come up with service blueprint. 
  • Test and validate process blueprints developed into prototypes with process community to solicit input and expertise. 
  • Conduct periodic health checks against process blueprint to assess the integration of previous process change into BAU operation to measure actual benefit realization from improvement releases.

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