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Job Description

An Insighting Expert specializes in answering business problems by preparing data, organizing that data, and then analyzing the data so that business units can find actionable and meaningful insights that lead to business decisions or actions. 


Data Management and Exploration

  • Extraction, exploration, and manipulation of large and complex data sets – leveraging on diverse telco data (CRM, Billing, transactional data, network data) with various external sources of data (digital, social, etc) for analytics and insighting
  • Help internal stakeholders in understanding, interpreting and analyzing massive data sets

Analytics and Insighting: 

  • Craft easy-to-consume narratives and actionable insights from complex concepts using advanced data visualization and presentation skills
  • Draws out and communicates useful insights, actionable interpretations, alternative approaches, and solutions.
  • Collaborate with business sponsors and different stakeholders to understand and if needed, operationalize analytic findings.
  • Support internal business partners to understand their goals and needs allowing them to make informed decisions backed by quantitative evidence

Stakeholder Management and Knowledge Transfer 

  • Lead user and stakeholder education on the ways to read results of deep dive customer analytical studies
    Enhance the data literacy of the business-users to become a data-driven organization
  • Help Stakeholders turn general business question into much more targeted, actionable questions for better and correct analytical framework set up
  • Keep updated with new analytical and insighting techniques and be extremely knowledgeable of industry standards and trends.

Work Experience:

  • At least five (5) experience in customer analytics domain covering most of the following: data mining,  insighting, advanced analytics, visualization, large scale data wrangling
  • Proven track record of managing and collaborating on analytical initiatives

Level of Knowledge:

Must possess core competencies, deep understanding and relevant experience in:

  • Scripting or programming experience (for data analysis, extraction): proficiency in programming languages such as Python and R; and relational and no-SQL databases such as SQL, Hive, Spark
  • Data visualization tools: hands-on experience with tools such as Tableau, PowerBI, Google Data Studio, and other analytical tools or software
  • Familiar with most of the following disciplines:
  • Hypothesis testing: being able to develop a hypothesis and test them with careful experiments;
  • Statistical analysis: to understand causal relationships, etc.
  • Market segmentation: identify shared characteristics or behavioral profiles  


  • Degree in quantitative disciplines such as Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Econometrics or Information Science such as Business Analytics

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