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Creative Web is a premier company with extensive experience in building and hosting unique, fast, secure & easy to use websites that suits your industry – be it manufacturing, banking, food, education, travel, entertainment, realty, government, NGO or eCommerce.


Managed VPS Hosting

We guarantee a super Fast, Reliable, Secure and the latest technology in our VPS hosting services at shared hosting price.

Web Design & Development

We build the Fastest, most Secure, Elegant, Search Engine Optimized, Easy to Use and Mobile Friendly website that you can be Proud of at an Affordable Price.

Shared Hosting

We ensure an ultra Fast, Reliable, Secure and the latest technology in our Shared hosting services at a reasonable price.

Domain Registration & Transfer

We sell cheaper Domain Name Registration, Renewal and Transfer of Generic, Country Code and New Top Level Domains than GoDaddy and Enom.

Website Redesign & Optimization

We redesign outdated and slow websites to conform with the Google standards and to stand out from competition. We do WordPress Speed and Security Optimization if you want to keep the design of the website.


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Web Development
Web Hosting & Server Optimization
Web Security & Speed Optimization
Search Engine Optimization
Lean Sigma


Social Place
Featured Project

Social Place

Social Place is a Wholesome & Troll Free Social Network. It has a Free Jobs Portal, Fundraising, Blogging & Marketplace platforms to empower the Filipino.

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  • #Fundraising Platform
  • #Jobs Portal
  • #Social Media


Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.



The Infinite Game: How to Lead in the 21st Century

Creative Web believes and applies the Infinite Mindset by Simon Sinek. Watch the video to learn more.

Municipality, Province

Los Baños, Laguna

Notice & Tips

Welcome to Social Place



Some YouTube videos can’t be played outside its platform. If “Video Unavailable”, delete your post. Repost it, but delete the URL after showing the Thumbnail, so that it will be played on YouTube.

Click Posting Activities & Media to see all the instructions.



1. Please make Social Place wholesome. The following posts and accounts promoting below are Prohibited:

Hate Speech, False News, Nudity, Gambling, Violence, etc.

2. We are utilizing Community Moderation to automatically suspend inappropriate posts and accounts.

Click Reporting Prohibited Content to see the entire list.



1. Set your Profile to Public to use the Community Feed and maximize Reach. You can customize the privacy setting for every post.

2. Set your Profile to Private to never use the Community Feed. Only Friends can see your Activities.

Click Changing Privacy Setting to learn more.

3. Provide value, great content and make your page interesting.

3. Check the Social Media Features to maximize its potential and explore the other platforms.


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