We are committed to uplifting the Filipino by providing a FREE Social Media, Blogging, Fundraising, Marketplaces and Jobs Platform.


Social Place was built by Creative Web to uplift Filipino lives. Creative Web is a premier Web Hosting company with extensive experience in hosting the Fastest, most Secure & Reliable websites to maximize Leads & Sales.


Social Place was built because currently the Social Network has very low reach. In fact, Samsung with over 162.2 million Followers usually has less than 100 likes (0.00006%) in their great posts. There are many Trolls spreading disinformation and making the Community toxic. Due to very low reach and trolls, businesses and the masses are posting less content or inactive. Social Place brings back the reverse chronological Feed to show All your friends, following, and groups content in your Personal Feed. It has the Community Feed that shows All the members content to log out users. Both the Personal and Community Feeds have a menu and activity filter to maximize Reach. Social Place has tools to eliminate trolls and bots like the Secure Registration, Verification, Community Moderation, Profanity filter, etc.

To empower the masses and businesses, Social Place has a Free Jobs Portal, Blogging, Marketplaces and Fundraising Platforms. There are no hidden charges and everyone can post jobs, blogs and fund drive for Free. We hope our countrymen will use and share Social Place. If given a chance, it can make Social Platforms great again, and can help everyone.


Being a premier Social Platform, Social Place is committed to Uplifting Filipino Lives by creating Platforms that Empower the masses and small businesses.


  • To Empower the Filipino by building Platforms that promote and securely sell any Products and Services online.
  • To Build a Community of Fundraisers posting a valid cause or need that requires Financial Support.
  • To further Develop and Create more Platforms by listening to the Customers’ feedback.
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