Social Network for Filipinos who want a Troll Free & Wholesome Community.

Built for maximum Reach & Opportunities. Your Posts are visible to Logout users, & with a Drill Down Menu & Filter.

Enjoy same Features in other Platforms, plus Free Blogging, Fundraising, Marketplace & Jobs Portal.


A Korean brand with over 162.2 million followers, usually has less than 100 likes (0.00006%) in their great posts. Users are seeing fewer posts of Friends and Following due to the Engagement algorithm creating echo chambers and lesser reach thru time. There are many Trolls spreading disinformation. Gone were the days where it was fun to post Activities due to the friends and followers interaction.

Social Place was built for the Masses and Businesses because it maximizes Reach and Opportunities. It uses the Reverse Chronological Feed which makes the Social Media interesting due to high reach. Social Place is the only platform with 2 Feeds. Your Personal Feed shows the activities of All your Friends, Groups and Following. The Community Feed shows All the Members activities. Both Feeds have a Menu and Activity Filter, and can be seen by Logout users for maximum Exposure.

Social Place has blogs, fundraising, marketplace and jobs portal. It will continuously incorporate more Platforms that will empower its users. Register now and Invite your Friends. Together, we can make Social Media great again.

Enjoy maximum Reach by setting your Profile to Public & posting on the Community Feed which can be seen by All the members & Logout users.

Create a nice Profile Page to promote Yourself or your Business. Post Media to connect to Customers & Friends.

Enjoy an advance Personal Feed with Menu for Personal, Friends, Groups, Following, & an Activity Filter to drill down posts.

Enjoy features present in other Platforms like Groups, Messaging plus Jobs, Blogs, Fundraising, Marketplace, Radio, etc..

Experience A+ Security & a wholesome Community that eliminates Trolls & Bots thru Secure Registration, Verification, Profanity Filter, Community Moderation, etc..

Find and Post Jobs, Donate to Fundraisers, Post an Article, and Setup your Store to earn money.

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