Social Media Features

Social Place empowers Businesses & the Masses. Here are the Main Features.

Unique Community Wall

Unique Community Feed

Enjoy maximum Reach by setting your Profile to Public & posting in the Community Feed which can be seen by Logout users.

Community Feed – Logged Out


Community Feed – Logged In

Global Wall - Logged In
When Logged In, the platform and main menu are fully optimized for Social Media use. There are additional menu in the Community Feed to show All Members, Following, My Friends, My Groups, My Favorites, etc. which can be combined with the Activity Filter to detect whatever the user is looking for.
Best Profile Page

Best Profile Page

Your Profile is like a website which combines Facebook & LinkedIn features to showcase You or your Organization.

Advance News Feeds and Timeline

Personal & Community Feeds

The Personal & Community Feeds have Menu for Personal, Friends, Groups, Following, etc. & Activity filter to drill down posts.

Community Groups

Community Groups

Create Community Groups with Public, Private & Hidden Privacy settings. Public groups can use the Community Feed for maximum Reach.



Communicate with other members using the messaging feature. It is similar to an email system with Inbox, Sent, Starred, Search, etc..

Compose Message

Compose Message
You can communicate with multiple Friends privately within Social Place.
Blogging Platform

Blogging Platform

Post blogs that may inspire others & promote your organization & causes. Your Blogs are visible in your Profile.

Jobs Thumbnail

Jobs Portal

Explore job openings. Register as an Organization to post your job listing for Free.

Fundraising Thumbnail

Fundraising Platform

Enjoy A+ Security and a Free Platform that delivers the donations in full to the Fundraisers.

Advance News Feeds and Timeline

Services Marketplace

Buy & Sell any type of Service with simple, virtual, subscription, variable configuration & flexible payment options.


Here are some of the Minor Features that you will Enjoy.

Media Gallery

All your Activity posts containing Photos, YouTube and Videos will show in the Media Gallery.

Online Radio

Listen to the top Radio stations on the background while using Social Place or browsing other websites.

Profanity Filter

We block Curse words in Tagalog & English in the Activity Posts & Comments section. Contact us to add more words.

Profanity Filter in Comments

Profanity Filter
Social Place automatically block use of Profanity Words in the Activity Posts and Comments. Please Contact us, to add more Tagalog and English bad words.

Advance Search & Filter

The platform has various search, menu & filter to find anything like Individual, Company, Blogs, Hashtag, etc.

Main Menu Search

Main Menu Search
In the main menu search, you can search for the following:
1. Blogs 2. Pages 3. Groups 4. Members
You can search a Member using the following information:
1. Profile name 2. City, Province 3. School 4. Civil Status 5. Company 6. Industry Type

Community Menu, Filter & Search

Global Wall Search
When logged in, the Community Feed has menu for: All Members, Following, My Friends, My Groups, My Favorites, etc. which can be combined with the Activity Filter to detect whatever you are looking for. Use the Search button for hashtag.

Member & Group Directories Menu, Filter & Search

The Member and Group Directories have an advance menu, filter and search to find whoever you are looking for.

Member-Directory copy

Community Moderation

Social Place can’t be used to promote Inappropriate Content. If a volume of users report a Post, Group or Profile, the account is automatically suspended.

Customizable Privacy

Social Place has a Privacy setting that can be used for both Business & Personal. Click below to learn more about the various settings.

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