Be a Hero to our Heroes’ Children – HERO Foundation, Inc.

Help, Educate, and Rear Orphans. Be a HERO to our HEROES' children. Help send military orphans to school today.


Your donation will go a long way to letting our military orphans know that they are not alone, that you value the ultimate sacrifice of their parents so that you and your family could sleep peacefully at night.

Any amount you donate will ensure that these military orphans will have a better future through education.


To provide educational assistance to children or siblings of Filipino soldiers killed or permanently incapacitated due to enemy action or in the course of their participation in disaster and relief operations.


Secured and consistent educational support for children or dependent siblings of soldiers from the Armed Forces of the Philippines killed in the name of peace; totally incapacitated due to enemy action; and those who die while performing disaster relief and rescue operations for being vanguards of our freedom and national sovereignty.

HERO aims to help these children obtain a college degree or a certificate in a vocational course in order to give them a competitive chance in finding good and decent jobs or profession so they can become positive and productive members of our society.

HERO Foundation, Inc.
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