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PAWS is a registered non-profit organization which is dedicated to the protection and the promotion of humane treatment of all animals.


We cannot do this without you! Please help us keep our animal shelter running and to continue our programs that help put animal offenders behind bars.

About PAWS

We are a volunteer-based animal welfare NGO.

Our main work is to educate and disseminate information concerning animal welfare, animal care, animal control, and other animal-related concerns.

PAWS campaigns actively against animal cruelty and pet neglect, including activities like dogfights, horse fights, and wild animals being used for entertainment.


PAWS also runs an animal shelter for over 300 cats and dogs rescued from cruelty or neglect. Here, these animals are rehabilitated in the hope of finding them new homes and a second chance at a good life.

There is also a low-cost clinic that provides veterinary services to the indigent community, including spay and neuter (kapon).

Our Programs

PAWS has developed programs designed to to promote humane treatment of all animals. Our 5 main programs below aim to end pet homelessness through spay/neuter (kapon) initiatives.

Clinic Spay/Neuter (Kapon)
The PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC) houses a veterinary clinic for low-cost spay and neuter surgeries. It is open to the public, and most especially indigent pet owners.

KabaliCAT (TNR)
TNR is the most effective and permanent way of controlling the stray cat population in your community. You can be part of the solution by working with your local government and PAWS to organize a TNR in your community.

Fetch & Fix
The PAWS Fetch & Fix Program aims to end the cycle of homelessness for the pets of people with limited means. It will allow them to take better care of their pets without worrying about accidental litters.

Kapon Outreach
Kapon outreach activities are organized with the help and cooperation of your LGU as well as sponsors who are willing to cover the cost of drugs and medical supplies as well as transportation, food and lodging of our vets and volunteers (if applicable).

Kapon for All Pets
“Kapon for All Pets” is a partnership between PAWS and participating LGUs. The program seeks to provide free or affordable kapon for pets owned by their constituents.

Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
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