Global Medical Center of Laguna

  1. Responsible in giving special patient information regarding the drug dosage, route of administration, as part of total care program.
  2. Insures that established policies and procedures are followed.
  3. Checks for accuracy of dose prepared.
  4. Provides drug control considering proper storage and dispensing, insures that all states and drug laws are followed.
  5. Provides for proper record keeping and billing.
  6. Maintains professional competence, especially in drug stability and incompatibilities.
  7. Insure that new personnel are trained properly in the policies and procedures of dispensing area.
  8. Keep the dispensing area neat and orderly.
  9. Insures that records for administered narcotics are kept correctly. The pharmacist should act as a liaison between pharmacist and the nursing and medical staff, communicates with nurses and physician regarding medication-administration problems.
  10. Provide pharmaceutical services at all times to patients, through an adequate supply of safe, effective and good quality drugs in appropriate dosage forms consistent with their needs in collaboration with the medical staff.
  11. Ensures the availability of drugs and medicines for emergency cases and treatment areas.
  12. Provide the necessary drugs to emergency cases for the first 24 hours regardless of the patient’s capacity to pay.
  13. Identifies drugs brought into the hospital by patient.
  14. Assist in drugs product and entity selection.
  15. Monitors patients total drug therapy for effectiveness/ineffectiveness, side effects, toxicities, allergic drug reactions and drug interactions.
  16. Performs monthly inventory and assures that expiry date is properly check.
  17. Responsible in checking and receiving of deliveries from different suppliers and maintains records of deliveries in case Chief Pharmacist is out of duty.
  18. Entering daily transactions into the computer and into the kardex.
  19. Avail of continuous educational programs and training.
  20. Provides drug information as necessary to medical and nursing staff.

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