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The Inbound & GTM Quality Lead plays an important role in overseeing Quality Assurance Operations across various stages, from the receipt and storage of raw materials to the distribution of finished products in the Go-To-Market (GTM) process. Their primary focus lies in ensuring the effective and efficient management of quality standards throughout these critical phases. The role is expected to have meticulous attention to detail in handling material receipt, storage, and issuance, with a keen eye towards upholding Unilever’s stringent quality protocols and Good Manufacturing Practices. Their responsibilities extend to addressing product complaints, managing cold chain integrity, and implementing robust traceability controls and inspection plans aligned with Unilever’s standards.

Inbound & GTM Quality Lead takes charge of conducting audits across satellite warehouses and third-party suppliers to maintain compliance and quality consistency. They hold a strategic role in setting and maintaining quality standards tailored to evolving business needs, including those related to emerging channels such as e-commerce and cabinet management. By analyzing operational KPIs, loss trees, and other relevant data, they continuously evaluate performance trends, enabling proactive measures to uphold and enhance quality standards across the supply chain.

Furthermore, the role leads the acceptance process and the management of imported finished goods. Their expertise and leadership are indispensable managing international sourcing and distribution, ensuring that imported products meet the same stringent quality and meeting all the quality and regulatory requirements of the local market.


  • Handles quality assurance for material receiving and storage and ensures that the following are implemented by Inbound QA analysts based documented SOPs, polices, WIs:
  • Provides leadership on the quality assurance operations in 3P FG Warehouse/ Depots
  • Ensures that consumer / customer complaints are attended by GTM Analyst within the agreed lead time
  • Conducts audits based on audit plan and schedules
  • Ensures that delivered imported finished goods are available as good stocks when needed
  • Ensures that all cold chain related activities are participated by QA GTM
  • Participates in all governance meetings
  • Working knowledge on URIC Quality Management System, FSSC 22000, T5Z, and FFZ procedures and protocols
  • Understands the World Class Manufacturing principles and co-leads the Quality Pillar together with the Site Quality Manager/Site Quality Lead
  • Respect and follow all safety, health and environment rules, procedures and protocols related to the operations in the site.
  • Understands the legal responsibility relevant to safety, health and environment as well as its implications to the scope of the job
  • Upholds the development of a highly effective and strong quality improvement team in the factory including warehouses and at the trade through robust and effective communication


  • Graduate of Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Food Technology
  • Reading, comprehension, and communication skills
  • Working knowledge in WCM, TPM, HACCP and FSSC 22000
  • Manufacturing experience in FMCG
  • Proficient in use of MSOffice and other computer systems


  • Licensed Chemical Engineer

We highly encourage applicants to exclude information on age, gender, and school/s in view of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Unilever assesses candidates based on skills, performance, experience and leadership.

Unilever is an organisation committed to equity, inclusion and diversity to drive our business results and create a better future, every day, for our diverse employees, global consumers, partners, and communities. We believe a diverse workforce allows us to match our growth ambitions and drive inclusion across the business. At Unilever we are interested in every individual bringing their ‘Whole Self’ to work and this includes you! Thus if you require any support or access requirements, we encourage you to advise us at the time of your application so that we can support you through your recruitment journey.

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