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This post shows the full features of the Fundraising Platform and a valid Fund Drive. Please help us to Uplift Lives of our vulnerable citizens by providing a FREE and Trusted Fundraising platform that delivers funds directly to the Fundraiser.

Social Place was built by Creative Web, a premier Web Hosting company. It has A+ Security, Fundraisers are required to submit a Valid ID and every fund drive is moderated to ensure Authenticity. It delivers 100% of funds directly to the Fundraiser thru his Bank, GCash, Maya, Palawan Express and PayPal accounts.

Social Place was built because currently the Social Network has very low reach, like the Korean brand with over 162.2 million Followers but usually has less than 100 likes. The Algorithm is creating Echo chambers, and showing only a few friends and following with the same engagement. There are many Trolls spreading disinformation.

Social Place shows All Friends, Following and Groups in your Personal Feed. It has a Community Feed which shows All the members activities. Both Feeds have a drill down Menu and Activity Filter to maximize exposure. It has a wholesome Community that eliminates Trolls & Bots thru Secure Registration, Verification, Profanity Filter, Community Moderation, etc..

Social Place has a Free Blogging, Fundraising, Jobs Portal and Marketplace to support your business. It will continuously incorporate more Platforms that will empower its users.

We hope our countrymen will use and support Social Place. If given a chance, it can make Social Platforms great again, and can help many Filipinos.

Parting Words

To fast track the growth and development of the Platform, please share, invite your friends, donate and invest in Social Place.

Bank Transfer

Bank Name:


Account Name:

Divina Pangga

Bank Account #:

0919 2011 85

Money Transfer

Remittance Center:

Palawan Express

Receiver’s Name:

Cernan Pangga

Receiver’s Mobile #:


Fundraiser’s Name:

Creative Web



Contact Number:


Valid ID Submitted:

DTI Permit

Contact us and include this Fundraising URL to Report this Fund Drive.

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