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Responsible for the improvement and ability of the company’s process flow, productivity improvement including project organization, process promotion, quality control and improvement, new process implementation and improvement, cost control and optimization.

Responsible for supervising the engineering process activities in the optical fabrication process of infrared products, including supervision, feedback, suggestions of daily production process activities. And by establishing perfect process control methods and processes to ensure the stability of the production process. By cooperating with the material department, production department and quality department, we ensure that the OTD (on-time shipment rate) and the highest quality requirements of customer products are met. Proactively strengthen and maintain good relations and communication with customers to meet customer requirements, to achieve the highest quality management of products and processes.

Responsible for the guarantee of the process flow and the preparation of process documents, the effectiveness and safety of the process. Execute/maintain manufacturing information and statistical process control systems, demonstrate the ability to analyze, identify and solve problems and optimize processes, lead project and improve efficiency, ensure quality and optimize costs.

Responsible for the effective management of departmental documentation and its traceability and compliance with ISO 9001 requirements. Assist department managers in planning and effectively achieving department goals to achieve company strategy.


Educational background: Bachelor’s degree, major in optics is preferred; or college with relevant work experience, or technical school degree.

Work Experience: More than 1 year of experience in the precision optics industry or process engineer experience in the optical manufacturing industry and high-tech light industry enterprises.

Special Abilities: Good communication and management skills, such as project management, FMEA, DOE, ERP, etc. 

Mature, proactive and creative when taking responsibility. 

Have good error elimination, problem solving, analysis skills and good knowledge of Optical fabrication.

Ability to make the process more organized and improve quality through ISO9001.

Master the use of computers, such as: AutoCAD, MS-Office.

Ability to investigate, discover, transfer and adapt processes, technologies or methods to new applications.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES                               

Job Element                                                                                                                                               

Maintenance and improvement of production process stability and improvement of process capacity                                

Performance Satisfactory When:

  1. Responsible for supervising the correctness and effectiveness of existing processes on the production floor.
  2. Control and enforcement of uniform standards for production tools.
  3. Professional supervision to employees within the scope of responsibility and can complete the work correctly and effectively.
  4. It is especially required to design and maintain tools for the special requirements of each process, as well as to effectively supervise and maintain the machine status. 
  5. Establish good communication and effective judgment with various departments and with the same department and correct all production problems, and effectively improve and achieve goals.
  6. Good at using engineering analysis and management skills to solve production, process and machine problems.
  7. Lead or participate in the installation and commissioning of production machines and equipment and archive.
  8. Participate in the maintenance of the stability and precision of production machines.

Development and implementation of new products and new process technologies.                                                                                                                                  

  1. Responsible for the development of new products, tool design, production machinery and equipment selection, and even self-development design of equipment and devices to meet production requirements and improve production capacity and quality.
  2. Responsible for the effective design of the process of new products and ensure that the required production benefits meet the required first pass rate.
  3. Establish communication with II-VI Sng and II-VI Sax engineering staff to understand the requirements and methods of the new product/process.
  4. Responsible for the reasonable analysis of production excipients, verification and achievement of their usability and safety.
  5. Actively develop or seek more reasonable production processes. Correctly evaluate the rationality, safety and effectiveness of the process, as well as provide effective optimization in terms of low cost, and understand the latest technology, process and equipment trends in the market.
  6. Actively carry out the optimization of the rational utilization of production auxiliary materials.
  7. Assist in the preparation of quotations for new products.

Assist in the preparation of quotations for new products. 

  1. Establish a reasonable production efficiency statistical system according to IE theory. Including standard working time system and production reporting methods and methods.
  2. Establish effective communication with operation department, understand production process problems/potential problems, and effectively provide solutions and tracking to ensure the correctness of production efficiency feedback.
  3. Regular audits of productivity to ensure its effectiveness.
  4. Regularly maintain the production efficiency settings to ensure    consistency with actual production.
  5. Proactively advise and implement production cost control and process optimization measures. 
  6. Lead to make reasonable arrangements for the layout of the workshop.

Documentation of critical support and/or manufacturing processes and procedures                           

  1. Establish elements of the basis for measuring and deciding which “important” documents need to be archived.
  2. Implement and publish archived documents according to ISO 9001 standards through control standards.
  3. New and changed processes need to be evaluated, documented, and aligned with the company’s Engineering and Manufacturing Information System (ERP) as required.
  4. Responsible for making and punctual and accurate update reports of products and processes.
  5. Effectively complete projects and assigned tasks on time, and update reports status and archive as required.
  6. Responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of the company’s and department’s file system.

Employee training and development                                 

  1. Responsible for the daily production process through timely feedback and on-site training, improve the ability of production personnel to analyze or solve problems of machines, processes and related problems.
  2. Responsible for the training of new direct employees and other indirect employees in production-related processes (on-the-job guidance and short-term theoretical courses).
  3. Apply the training provided by the company effectively to improve work efficiency.

EHS Responsibilities                                                               

  1. Develop, confirm, and ensure specifications for the use of all processes and machines to meet safety and health requirements.
  2. All employees within the scope of responsibility follow the safety regulations.
  3. Quickly take a responsible approach to correcting non-healthy and safe behaviors.
  4. Perform and maintain good cleaning habits.
  5. Ensure employees wear and use personal protective equipment correctly.
  6. Ensure proper storage, handling, transportation and handling chemicals in the production floor.
  7. Train employees on the hazards of chemicals and related safe handling.
  8. Ensure that the relevant operation documents and system files contain safety and environmental operation tips.
  9. Ensure that each process contains hazard assessment documents, is linked to ISO and updated timely.
  10. Ensure that all chemicals are produced and used by the company, that relevant information is evaluated and tested, and that relevant control procedures must be followed before chemicals are purchased and used.
  11. Be able to detect EHS problems within the scope of responsibility in a timely manner and deal with them correctly.      


  • Understand the work safety, hazardous material and chemical handling on his/her works. 
  • Do their part in the implementation of the company’s safe work practices.
  • Use any means or appliance provided for their health and safety.
  • Use correct personal protective equipment in the correct manner.
  • Not do anything likely to endanger themselves or their colleagues.
  • Report any accident, dangerous occurrence or potential hazard.
  • Maintain good housekeeping standards.
  • Dispose all toxic substances in the factory to the correct containers for proper disposal by the approved.  

Culture Commitment

Ensure adherence to company’s values (ICARE) in all aspects of your position at Coherent Corp.:

Integrity – Create an Environment of Trust

Collaboration – Innovate Through the Sharing of Ideas

Accountability – Own the Process and the Outcome

Respect – Recognize the Value in Everyone

Enthusiasm – Find a Sense of Purpose in Work

Coherent Corp. is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, protected Veteran status, age, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Coherent Philippines Pte Ltd shares the 5 key principles of fair employment practices and is committed to adopting these principles in the management of our human resources. We believe that the effective implementation of fair employment practices will bring about a more harmonious and progressive work environment within our organization, and contribute towards making Philippines a great place to work.


Coherent is a global leader in lasers, engineered materials and networking components. We are a vertically integrated manufacturing company that develops innovative products for diversified applications in the industrial, optical communications, military, life sciences, semiconductor equipment, and consumer markets. Coherent provides a comprehensive career development platform within an environment that challenges employees to perform at their best, while rewarding excellence and hard-work through a competitive compensation program. It’s an exciting opportunity to work for a company that offers stability, longevity and growth. Come Join Us!

Note to recruiters and employment agencies: We will not pay for unsolicited resumes from recruiters and employment agencies unless we have a signed agreement and have required assistance, in writing, for a specific opening.

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